The Great Ocean Road: where the river meets the ocean

So we randomly pulled in to a campground in the afternoon. I mean, how can you pass this spot by?
Ocean on one side, river on the other. It was really windy so a lot of people were in the hotels that night. Even a few people had left the campground when we arrived. Lucky for us, someone's tent did not stand up to the wind, so a spot on the river had just opened up. We took it! We went for a river hike then a beach hike. This camp site was an amazing experience, and actually reminded me of some of the rock faces we camped near in Zion National Park, Utah a few years ago. 

These photos were taken from where I stood at our campsite. This river is called Cumberland River. The campground was called Cumberland River Campground. The left photo is the river upstream, the right photo is the river leading directly into the ocean! Wind shmind, best campsite EVER!

My love using our campfire wood and the car to shield our camp stove from the wind.

Our waterfall hike! 
We had a few river crossings on our hike. hence the rolled jeans here.

 Making great memories our first year of marriage.

Now to hike the other side... the ocean. my favorite part of the world.

hot tea by the sea.

amazing sunset.


natural sea stones. look how smooth they are! 
most dramatic seascape I've ever set my feet on.
driftwood bonfire. the stars were so bright