The Great Ocean Road: Twelve Apostles

 The Twelve Apostles. 
Another fantastic national park in Southern Australia.

This was our final destination our entire trip. It felt good to finally arrive.

mind blowing walking on this boardwalk.

the dunes were spectacular.    
limestone stacks formed by erosion.

The "Apostles" are tall limestone pillars that have been formed by erosion from the harsh Southern Ocean. Overtime the ocean has eroded the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs, which over time became arches, which eventually collapsed- leaving the limestone stacks that now stand 148 feet (45m) high. Funny thing we found out that the park used to be named "Sow and Piglets" until 1992, but was apparently not an attractive touristy name, so they changed it to "The Apostles". It was renamed again, "The Twelve Apostles" even though there are only 8 stacks (now). 

bolts, cables, and steel holding us up off the ocean.

 I adore this photo. *taken by a stranger

my handsome photographer.