The Great Ocean Road: Split Point Lighthouse

Another beautiful day to be on the ocean on the southern coast of Australia. We really had incredible weather for this trip. So here's how we planned this road trip along the ocean:


No seriously, we just packed our camping gear, got in the car, and started driving. We knew we wanted to see the 12 Apostles (which is an awesome park on the road) and we had limited time (only a few days which is usually what work schedules will allow) so we made the most of every moment by stopping whenever we wanted. Probably the best advice I could give someone planning to do this drive is to camp as much as possible. We tent camped, which is not always ideal for some families, but a camper van is another option to avoid the elements if the weather turns bad. 

All the photos you will see in this series were taken along the way with no real plan in mind. If you've ever driven this beautiful route, you know that it's not hard to find a beautiful spot. If you are traveling to Australia, this drive is a must do. We did it in a few days, although you could take a week to 2 weeks. Don't let only having a few days availability keep you from doing it. We didn't. 
You will regret if you don't do it. Trust me.
Below are a few photos from the first leg of our trip. 

view from the lighthouse. not kidding.

camping, hiking, and kangarooing to come! Stay tuned.