The Great Ocean Road: Princetown

Our last night on the great ocean road was bitter-sweet. Alot of driving, hiking, sightseeing- we took it all in as much as possible. It was a spur-of-the-moment trip that would forever be in our memory. After visiting the Twelve Apostles, we headed for any campground nearby. It was a really cold afternoon that day, and we knew we needed to get a fire going quick. It was December 2012 when we took this trip and no fire ban was in place at that time. Lucky for us, because we really needed a fire to stay warm that night. 

so I'm lookin' at them. they're lookin' at me. Brian captured the exact moment I saw kangaroos for the first time ever. and in the wild, which was a double bonus.

they were bigger than I thought. they had come in to eat the fresh grass in our campground.
I mean this one was so jacked (look at those arms!!!). He was looking directly at me. I kept asking Brian if he might charge us. He assured me no, that they were very timid.

here's me worrying about being attacked by a kangaroo, and realizing we were going to sleep in this field with them. omg. pretty funny to think back now how concerned I was about sleeping near them. Kangaroos really are very shy. They hopped back into the nearby field when the sun set.
great night for wine and wool sweaters.


my handsome chef!

spaghetti and chicken! it was so delicious.

my killer hot pink snowpants I found in the thrift store here in Australia. They were a huge score and perfect for camping in cold weather. Shirt: c/o Sun Bum,  Boots: Hunter Boots.

campground dog making his rounds.