The Great Ocean Road: Bells Beach

So this is Part One of our road-trip along The Great Ocean Road in beautiful southern Australia. (still can't believe I live near this ocean). This is just part one of a series I'll be featuring on this blog this week. This was honestly a road-trip of a lifetime. Every single corner we turned I wanted to stop the car and take photos. The scenery took my breath away. Growing up in Florida where the land is flat, made being up so high on the earth looking down at this ocean even more amazing. 

To actually be able to see the earth touch the ocean, I have no words. 

Can you see the road winding off in the distance on the first photo? That's our road (The Great Ocean Road) we drove all week! This beach was too beautiful to pass up, so we stopped for a while.

took these stairs down...

found more of this....

and these lovely seashells!

 This is Bells Beach. I featured this beach in one of my sponsored ads last month here where I attempted to model sunscreen and a bikini.  The beach was absolutely beautiful. I love visiting places that I had no idea should be on my "bucket list" and then adding them to the list and checking them off the same day! The water was ice cold as most of the water influences on this side come from Antarctic, and the breeze was warm. It was a perfect day. And when the weather is "perfect" in southern Australia, you STOP and enjoy it. Shortly after this photo was taken, the breeze turned cold and the sky clouded up. We headed out on the road again.
To be continued......