Melbourne, Australia


So we took advantage of our location and decided to party it up in Melbourne for New Years Eve. Good food, great live music, we had an absolute blast. The city ran the public buses for free that night, and the whole town was so alive with this great energy. You can see from this first photo that the buses were packed like sardines! Everyone was so friendly. The city of Melbourne and the state of Victoria should get the "most friendly city" award. We went to a place that had live salsa music playing- a taste of home for me (as salsa is my favorite music to dance to). The fireworks at midnight were amazing. I was not able to get a good photo of them, but they were launching them off the tops of the buildings! You could see them from any point in the city. At some point you have to put down the camera and just live in the moment, right?

Oh the madness. The humanity. loved it.

Beautiful skyline in Melbourne. View from our hotel room no less. 
Me and my love saying goodbye to 2012. Great year for us.

The walk down town.

The south wharf was breathtaking!

Happy New Year!

Leftovers on the street.

Beautiful view from our walk around the city the next day.

A lot of places in Melbourne remind me (of the few) places I've been in to Europe. Small street cafes on every corner, quaint specialty shops, lots of charm, everything is smaller, great public transportation. 

Loving all the cafes everywhere!