The Great Ocean Road: Otway National Park

I love National Parks, especially the parks here in Australia. If you're just popping in for a quick look and have not been following along in this series, this is Part 5 of our Great Ocean Road trip I've been featuring on this blog in the last week. This might be the only post so far that does not have a spectacular ocean picture in it! The "Great Otway National Park" did not dissapoint. It was cool and very green, and there were all these little animals scurrying around in the bushes, everywhere! I hardly got a glimpse of them, though. This hike we took was called "Mait's Rest", and it was right off our ocean road-trip. Old growth, new growth, and tree ferns everywhere. The light was spectacular. 

me and my love. loving road-tripping Australia.
believe it or not, more of the series is still to come!!