The Great Ocean Road: Koala love

Great Ocean Road, Part 4. We woke up to this. Can you see how small the people are at the bottom of the picture? The landscape seemed to get more and more dramatic the more we drove. We said good bye to our campground and headed for some coffee- or flat white's. A flat white is an Australian latte. It's delicious. We we pulled into this cafe called Koala Cafe and joked to each other that maybe there were koala's nearby. We asked the woman serving us coffee why this was called Koala Cafe and if she knew where we could see koalas in the wild. She thought we were kidding and told us that koalas live up the road from where we were sitting in the forest. She knew we weren't kidding when we got super excited and started talking about how dreams were gonna come true today. Probably thought we were crazy. So we ventured up the road. There were parrots, wild parrots everywhere! Small red ones and larger white ones. We were on a mission to find koalas. The woman told us they would be sleeping and would be high up in the trees, so to look hard. I am proud to say I spotted the first one. Luckily Brian had packed the zoom lens for the camera so we used that as our binoculars. The hike into the forest was  of course right along the ocean. I was jealous these furry koalas get to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! 

Road on the way to the cafe.
Road on the hike up to the forest.
The first koala we spotted! Look how chubby he is! I could not believe they could balance in the tree like that while sleeping. This one seemed a little hefty to be sleeping on that little branch.  
View from the forest road.

My favorite. Just sleeping away in the sunshine.

This one is actually asleep! Look how he is sleeping! I can't believe they can sleep like this.
It was incredible seeing koalas in the wild. 
Walk out of the forest. See the ocean off in the distance? 
More beautiful ocean. Can' get enough of this!!
More to come....