Great Ocean Road: i never tire of looking at the sea

it felt like we were at the top of the edge of the earth's crust! looking at this to me felt similar to looking at the vastness of the Grand Canyon in Arizona- except it was the ocean as far as the eye could see.

Ok. Part 6. Whew! Are you tired of looking at this ocean yet?! I could sit and look at this, forever. Reliving this road-trip through this blog has been awesome! Seriously, I've never felt more mentally organized life-wise and photo-wise! Starting this blog was one of the best things I ever did (in case you were wondering, haha!). There's something this blog has done for me that posting pictures on facebook has never been able to do. I adore telling our travel stories here. Living in Australia (during our first year of marriage no less) has been an incredible experience so far. I do miss all the feedback though that facebook used to give me, so leave me some love on my blog! 

stairs leading down the cliff-side.
aka: stairs to my heaven.
at the bottom.
look at those stairs! they were extremely narrow, only wide enough for one person to walk down at a time (as you can see above).
The mist off the ocean, the rocks, the sky, the light! It felt like a dream. We're at the bottom of the planet!
Well, almost :) You could really feel that Antarctic air influence today. There was definitely a chill in the air.
just when I think he can't get any more handsome. he does. 
amazing ocean. amazing day.

***If you've been following this series from the beginning, you would know I put up photo teasers on facebook and instagram last week (to follow me on facebook, just like my Hippie by the Sea facebook page). Anyway, one photo in particular was a gnarly photo of a kangaroo that we took at the end of our Great Ocean Road-trip. I've had several people ask me, "what's the story behind the kangaroo?!" I promise I'm not trying to drag it out! The story on the killer kangaroos (just kidding) will be up this week. promise.