Wherever you are, be all the way there

Don't mind the bikini top hanging off the kitchen pantry door in this romantic photo.
Photo taken by my brother in Michigan the fall before we were engaged. 

I cannot believe it’s almost a new year! This year was one of the best years of my life. I feel like I made some really good decisions this year: Getting married was definitely at the top, taking our honeymoon right away was a great decision, road-tripping with all of our belongings and cat to our new home-base in the Midwest (also known as a storage unit and where we store our cars), visiting friends all over the country along the way, and last but not least moving to Australia temporarily.

I still can’t believe we moved to Australia!!

I figured out inadvertently today, that organizing pictures is a great way to reflect on the past year. Friends birthdays, housewarmings, traveling, wedding shower, there was an insane number of photo folders I had to create to organizejust this year’s photos.  It made me homesick, happy, reflective. I always use this week in between Christmas and New Years to reflect. So, that's where I found myself this week, feet up, on the couch, earl grey tea in hand. Attempting to reflect on an entire year can be a doosie.

I realized I needed to make more of an effort to reflect on my life more than just every New Year. (Why haven't I done this sooner?) Reflect on the good, the bad, where I’m heading, where I’ve come from- all of it (stop living my life at lightning speed). I have a heavy list of goals for my 2013, most important of which is to be happy wherever life takes me this year. Wherever I am, I want to be all the way there.  To not let my own ideas of what I think my life should be like destroy or hold back the life that is actually happening in front of my eyes. I refuse to let comparison of others or others lives be the thief of my joy. I want to live in the moment this year, love my life, all the imperfections, as much as possible, more than ever.  Some other goals that are not so heavy include: wear more lipstick (finally become an adult), get more serious about my photography and art, and do something special for turning 30 this year! Any suggestions?

Happy New Year everyone!