The meaning of home

At our old house in Vero Beach, Florida, 2011
This post is dedicated to all of my friends who've served as part of my extended family throughout
this journey we call life. Many of you are not in this photo. Know that I hold you dear to my heart.
I came across this blog today on the Harvard Business Review that really resonated with how I feel (and I'm sure my husband does) about our lives as vagabonds- professional that is. It's rare that I have gotten real in my blog since I started writing a few months ago, but here goes. It was called Moving around without losing your roots. The blogger goes on to tell a story about coming across a stranger who forced him to visit the topic of the "meaning of home in a globalized world". I literally laughed out loud when he rephrased it as..."he basically asked me where I was from".  I felt like he was writing the blog about me.

There is not a person that my husband and I meet here in Australia who does not ask us where were from (maybe it's the accent?).

Usually the conversation goes something like this...

"Where are you from?"

(We've been trying to answer really simple as to not get into a long story)

"We're from the United States".

"Oh! Where in the U.S.?"

This is where it gets complicated and my husband and I answer by stumbling over each other's sentences of how were from 2 completely different places- one has snow, one does not. One is hot, one is cold. Where we met, why were here. Oh my goodness, I can see the person who had originally asked us where we're from to try and relate to us somehow, is now regretting this somehow "complicated" question. They want to say "oh this weather is hot for you?" or  "this weather is cold for you?". Well it's hot for my husband, cold for me? It's never easy to explain to a complete stranger where we are from and what exactly we're doing traveling and living in so many different places.

Our mutual friends, whom we adore, have similar stories. They've lived and traveled professionally so many different places across this planet. They are unwilling or unable to settle- in one job or one physical location for the rest of their lives. I know many people who view this type of lifestyle as a weakness- constantly uprooting and resettling. And I've struggled with this view many times, until now.

Being exposed to different cultures, different world views, and being able to work across cultures is a strength, and not what I consider a weakness. I value my experiences and the people I've met along the way so much. It truly is a privilege to feel at home in different but specific places all over the world. I feel so lucky to have met someone who shares in this passion with me.

I must sum up this post with a quote from Gianpiero Petriglieri's blog:

We are learning to embrace living in between 2 homes, 2 countries, 2 different states within our own country actually. I love what he says about being careful not to use either to escape the other. So true Gianpiero, so true. 

I hope you are enjoying my ramblings. Leave me some love below, I'd love to know what you're thinking!