Happy Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day from Australia! Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were filled with some old and some new traditions as we start our married life together. Food, cookies, and family skype sessions all around. It was awesome. I woke up today to find... it's another HOLIDAY! Boxing Day. I love you Australia. Great idea. Although they do not celebrate it with actual boxing matches. It's a day when they hold their first cricket matches (a sport played here).  Not yet a huge cricket fan, but I'll take another holiday!

I thought I would celebrate Boxing day with some photos of our Christmas celebration(s) this week and some updates on our life in Australia.

Crab for Christmas Eve dinner is one of our traditions with my
husband's family that we've enjoyed every year.  We kept it going.
Christmas Eve. Total bliss.
My mother's famous cheese ball recipe.
 Tasmanian smoked salmon was delicious.
We spent the day devouring this while cooking Christmas dinner together.
Fresh red roses from my garden and pine to decorate the tables for Christmas dinner.
It smelled so good in our house! 
Our Turkey. We decided to get a turkey instead of a ham since we had
sushi in Hawaii for Thanksgiving this year.  (gasp!) Also, the oven
caught on fire. I was yelling for Brian and he saved the day with his leather
gloves, pulling the turkey out, the fire put itself out. Thank God.
This year we started the tradition of giving each other a Christmas tree ornament.
This one is pretty pitiful, and looks intense.
It is made of shells from our recent trip to Tasmania.
This will make for one memorable ornament. 
Brian got us a grill for Christmas! Now we can barbecue in style.
Enjoying my Christmas morning in Australia.