G'day Mates!

Good morning Friends!

As I write this morning, I've just finished hanging cold clean laundry on my laundry line in my modest little backyard, surrounded by roses that is! I'm sitting with the windows open, with a hot cup of coffee. It's cool outside around 60 degrees and the sun is shining. I'm so glad I packed sweaters and jackets. Thanks to good advice by one of my best friends Lauren.

I cannot get over how cute our little apartment is that we have here in Australia. We are living right outside Melbourne, in a small, quiet suburb. We completely enjoyed our first weekend here together, visiting Cape Patterson (as some of have already seen in photos on my Instagram and Tumblr) and putting our apartment together. I've got some great stories to share with you this week. For now, here's a glimpse into how I spent my morning settling in.....in Australia! Stay tuned for more.

Our apartment. I was so excited to see we had some green space!
One of my beloved rose bushes.

I adore fresh flowers. Beer is incredibly expensive here, so
we've opted for wine. I've recycled our bottles as vases. I'm
going to have to get creative decorating the house. 

Most Australians in this area do not use their dryer in the "summer"
So we skipped buying a dryer for a more environmentally friendly
clothesline. Sunshine fresh!