Edge of the Earth, Australia

Bunurong Coastal Drive near Woolamai. Breath taking view!

We spent a glorious afternoon down on the Bunurong Coastal Drive this past weekend. The drive was spectacular with huge cliffs leading down to the Tasman Sea. The rock reef is actually made of sandstone. The waves were different from Hawaii's North Shore's Pipeline which seemed intense but somewhat more organized. The waves at Cape Patterson were huge and seemingly alive. This ocean seemed more alive to me than any ocean I've ever seen. It was a really cool, windy day outside, but the sun was shining bright. I actually realized at the end of the week that I had gotten a lot of sunshine on my nose! Sunscreen is a must here, even on a cloudy day.



The dunes were incredible.

Antartica is so close I could smell it in the crispy, cold ocean breeze!
Cape Patterson is a sweetheart coastal town. It's also called "First Surf". We found out that it is a great place to camp in the summertime- which is the season we happen to be coming into right now in Australia. We may have lost an entire day on our flight here, but we're gaining an extra summer this year. Lucky me! I live for summers. Visiting this area of the world near the Southern Ocean, besides the fact that it is 30 minutes from our home now here in Australia, is an absolute dream come true. If you could see a close up of my face that day, I was beaming. I kept running through the dunes in celebration that I was there and how beautiful it was. I feel so blessed.

ocean love.

My love.

Our lunch spot by the sea-side

Just a few more great shots from the drive that day. There are so many farm animals everywhere in the state we live in, which is Victoria. I'm dying to visit the sheep farm near our house. Formally, that is. So far it's just been me leaning over the fence, "baaahing" at them. Here's a secret about me... I love sheep.                                  
Just a few sweethearts along the way.
Picture taken from a moving vehicle. 
My trusty driver. Also doubles as my favorite person.