Winter is here

It was snowing yesterday. The weather changed so fast from Sunday when I did the photo shoot. No snow stayed on the ground, but today when I woke up I noticed the ducks were gone and the shoreline had frozen! I was so excited, I put my boots on (of course) and took a walk. The lake is just starting to freeze and I had to walk on a very thin layer of ice that cracked underneath me as I walked to where the waves were crashing. It is a beautiful sunny day today- I mean gorgeous, bright, sunshine. It's been a little gloomy out lately, so I'm so happy to see the sun breaking through. 

I received a lot of feedback from readers that they enjoyed yesterday's post on Expectations. Sounds like many married women, young and old, did not get the photos they wanted on their wedding day. I honestly had no idea. I felt a little selfish wanting these photos and even writing the post yesterday. My memories from the day were so special, why was I so sad, did I really need more photos? Nice to know I was not alone. I love hearing your stories, hopes, dreams as I share my own life with you through this blog. Please keep sharing. 

Hope you enjoy these photos. And yes, my Florida people, all that "white stuff' is ice not foam. 

Beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan

The ice is breathtaking!

Taken from where I stand

Waves crashing against the ice. Isn't the ice beautiful?

These boots are the best purchase I think I've ever made. 

Geese prints. Birds have all flown south.
Self Portrait at the backdoor.