Truth about Life on the Road

I've been dying to put this post up since we got off the road. A collection of things I thought about throughout the road-trip and on previous road-trips. Although it's been a few weeks, the freeing experience is still fresh in my mind. Enjoy this post.....

The best thing about month long road trips is you never know what time or what day it is. It's quite a luxury actually. There were several days when I would text my mother, "Good morning" and she would say, "it's 2pm, my daughter, how nice not needing to know the time". It was then that I realized how much I loved not wearing a watch (I've boycotted them since I was in the Peace Corps), checking the time, or needing to know the time. There were several days where we lost track of what day it was. I would ask Brian and he would wouldn't know, and we wouldn't check because it didn't matter. Don't get me wrong, we were on a schedule of driving and making it to certain stops on certain dates, but it was on a "tomorrow basis", where we knew we needed to leave tomorrow or the next day.

The pros outweigh the cons, no doubt. I thought I'd share some of them with you so those of you romanticizing life on the road would know the truth (its pretty awesome with a few sacrifices).

Flat tires
Rainstorms when you have to break down camp and leave at 3:30am
Sleeping on the ground
Local Radio stations
Getting lost
Eating fast food
Not washing my hair for a week
Cold showers
Wearing the same jeans for a week
Being locked out of a FL state park
Long days of driving
Mosquitoes, everywhere
No cell phone signal

Good chat time with my travel partner
Being barefoot all the time
Memorable rainstorms
Beautiful scenery of America- mountains, streams, monuments
Getting to see the country from a different perspective
Seeing old friends 
Meeting new people
Seeing places you will never see again
Living simple
Camping everywhere
Sleeping on the ground
No cell phone signal
Getting lost
Traveling off the beaten path
Losing track of time and not caring- not needing to care
Awesome local food
Local radio stations
Being the only ones on the beach
Ability to see all the stars in the sky (away from all the city lights)
Waking up outside
Watching the sunrise and sunset 

Here are some #latergrams from our trip. Enjoy!

Flat tire in Texas!


and Sunrises!