Tree Farm, Door County

Today we visited the tree farm. Today is also the first day of the season we saw snow flurries! Absolutely beautiful. Watching the "snow fly" as they say here makes all those days (this past week) I put on long underwear, pants, 3 shirts, a jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat worth it. The trees have pretty much lost all their leaves, but the grass is still green, birds are still everywhere, and the evergreen trees are so green. The colors of green are so vibrant and rich that I constantly am picking a new favorite tree based on my new favorite shade of green.

My mother used to always tell me that God's favorite color must be green. I wish more than anything that I could call her right now and say, "can you see all these green trees outside?! Wow!". But for now, I'll just enjoy the conversations where she says "its 80 degrees and sunny here, nothing new."

This past week, I've enjoyed quiet afternoons in coffee shops, catching up with my bridesmaids/best friends, filling out job applications, and dreaming of the future. Dinner with family this week and friends coming over tonight is what I live for! The energy in the air everywhere feels so so intense with the election around the corner. With all the politics going on, people having babies, moving, and the season changing quickly from fall to winter, it feels like everyone is in transition. Or could it possibly be that we're constantly in transition and I've just now slowed down enough to watch it all unfold slowly around me? One day, I will be in a place in my life, when I've slowed down enough to watch things grow- like kids and trees.

My favorite tree (today) was the blue spruce. Enjoy our photos from our visit on the farm.

Family affair.

Danny's ladybug gloves, or are they?

The trees smelled so good and the air was so crisp!

So many to choose from.
Gloves: Anthropologie
Bright green Cedars! Bought a few of these.

Jacket: Mountain Hardware, Jeans: Wrangler
My handsome man. 
Beautiful blue spruce!
Always a good time for these boots.
Old Farmhouse across the street from the tree farm.