Not all who wander are lost

And we're here. Were finally in Australia. I've been going through withdrawals not having access to the internet or phone since Monday to talk to friends and family, but also to update my blog!

We left Hawaii Monday night and had a layover in New Zealand. By the time we reached Melbourne it was Wednesday morning because of the time zone change.

It was a journey to get here. I cannot even imagine when people used to travel by boat only- like the first Peace Corps Volunteers in the 1960s. Our apartment is incredible. We've been working hard to get everything set up for our lives now in Australia. Were living in the outskirts of Melbourne in a small suburb. We've had an awesome Aussie friend helping us out over here to get settled in this week. The most intense part of settling in the last few days has definitely been driving on the left hand side of the road (instead of the right as I'm used to in the USA). The car we've been driving is a manual which you have to shift with your left hand, which means your driving seat is located on the right side of the car. My husband has been doing most of the driving while I sit in the passenger seat and continue to remind him to stay on the left side of the road. My turn to start learning comes soon.

I can feel this move bringing us closer already. I'm really excited to blog more about this experience, our first week, and Australia. I hope you enjoy this little update for now. Here are the photos from our ancient under-water camera that captured my moment with the sea turtle in Hawaii. Although you can see me reaching for it, I did not touch it. I did however, hyperventilate from excitement after it swam away. We hope to travel into the city this weekend. Watch for the next post on Monday.

Sea Turtle in Hawaii on Thanksgiving morning

Me swimming behind the sea turtle. Can you see it's cute little back feet?!
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