Las Vegas, Nevada

We landed in Las Vegas last night. late. We woke up early to catch our flight to Hawaii this morning. On the way to the airport I got a glimpse out the window of the Mojave desert where Brian and I worked together as Wildlife Biologists 4 years ago. We were lucky enough to get hired together by a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who had served in Senegal a few years prior. We did environmental surveys for her firm- mostly tracking the endangered desert tortoise. We looked for rare cactuses as well, all for a renewable energy company to get permission to build solar panels on the "desert concrete", as they call it. The ground actually feels and looks just like concrete. Many ice cold nights were spent with a team of awesome biologists camping in the desert- either by tent or sleeping in the back of our pick-up trucks under the stars. Hot dry days were spent walking transects with the team, canvassing for those beautiful tortoises. It was a hard but incredible experience. At first glance, you would think no living thing could survive in that harsh desert climate. After living in the desert for three months, there was life everywhere! We caught so many lizards and snakes and at the end of 3 months, we were able to identify every plant we saw. The Mojave Desert and the Desert Tortoise hold a ver special place in our hearts.

The hills and mountains, sunshine and Joshua trees brought back some great memories. I was completely bubbling with joy over those past memories and new memories we are making. Celebrating 4 months of marriage today over the Pacific Ocean with fresh flowers around our necks and thankful hearts.

Vegas Strip when we flew in last night.
Desert Tortoise!
Horned lizard. Excited to be greeted by these in the Las Vegas airport after our horrendous flight. 

Mojave Desert.
Beautiful leis given to us by Hawaiian Airlines. Our lucky day.
Me and my boots after the airlines made me take a few pounds out of my carry-on. It was
easier to just put these on and take my flip flops off. 

Happy girl with fresh flowers around her neck.