So our first Thanksgiving together as a newly married couple was spent in Hawaii.

For those of my readers who are reading this outside of the USA, you can google this American Holiday and make up your own mind why it originally started.

In my family, we choose to celebrate this holiday as a day to reflect and be thankful for all that we have in our life. Usually the most common theme, when we go around the table and say what we're thankful for, is family. Needless to say, we desperately missed our families this year on Thanksgiving.

However, we had a complete blast in Hawaii! The mountains, the sunshine, the ocean, the fresh fish were so much to soak in. There were people walking through the streets barefoot, in bathing suits with their surfboards everywhere. The sweet smell of sunscreen (my favorite smell) filled the air and there were beautiful flowers everywhere. It was plumeria heaven! The beaches were my favorite part. Down in Waikiki Beach, it was packed with tourists and locals, warm water, and steady waves. The kind of waves you could be in all day long. We rented surfboards and one day paddle boards.

Thanksgiving day was the best. We woke up early took the public bus, and hiked Diamond Head Mountain. We were able to skype with our families from the top of the mountain, which was awesome! We then went snorkeling in Haunama Bay. No big deal but I uh....snorkeled with a sea turtle!! It wasn't planned, the turtle just happened to be in the bay that day. Snorkeling in the water with the sea turtle was the highlight of my Thanksgiving no doubt.

We traveled around the island by car, visiting the pineapple farms and the North Shore. Seeing the North Shore was like a dream come true. I've always dreamed of seeing that beach. The Surfing World Cup was going on and there were tons of surfers in the water. The waves were huge and the sand was the softest I've ever felt.

Enjoy the photos! I'm overwhelmed by how blessed we are to be able to travel so many places! So much more to come!! Watch for the next post on Monday.