Door County, Wisconsin is one of my favorite places. Were off the road now from our second road trip, finally moved completely now from Florida to Wisconsin. I still have yet to blog about the rest of our travels, but there is always no place like the present- so those will have to wait. 

For now I'm adjusting. So many changes have happened in the last month- actually this year. The biggest change for me has been leaving my job that I loved. It's been my biggest struggle. Not only because I loved the community I was working in and the work I was doing, but it was so gratifying to finally be working in public health- and getting paid! As I am sitting in front of a roaring fire this morning drinking my coffee, I can't help but wonder (with excitement) what's next? As a woman with a strong desire for a career but equally strong desire for a family? I wish there was a manual with choices and options on how to do this. 

This past week here in Wisconsin has been dreamy. The weather is perfect for snuggling, drinking coffee, and taking photos. Sunrises, sunsets, and foggy days. The trees are breathtaking and make me feel so small. There has been a family of swans I've been watching on the lake for the past few days through my binoculars. I've enjoyed my alone time this past week more than I could have ever imagined. Here are some photos of my last few days that have been full of photography and dreaming of the future. 

View from our front porch.
Hat: Stormy Kromer, Sweater: Banana Republic, Pants: Rip Curl,
Boots: his favorite hiking boots
Love of my life. Relaxing by the lake.

Lakeside finds.
Boots. I'm surprised I don't sleep in these. Happy to have a reason to wear them all the time.

Lake Michigan in Door County.
Beautiful cloudy day post-fall, pre-winter view. 
Married 3 months! This was the day after our anniversery.

Dad's Garden.
Getting the left over veggies.
Pepper and tomatoes.
Armwarmers: Anthropologie
Pea Coat: Banana Republic, Hat: Billabong, Jeans: Oneill, My awesome Rubber Boots
tummy full of raspberries, not a lot in my bucket