The Nature Coast: Tarpon Springs, Florida

Day 2:
The next day we stopped by my Moms house to say hello/goodbye again. "Again" being the key word here.

Hardest part of moving to Wisconsin so far has been leaving my family, especially my Mom. She did her "mom thing" made us food, loved on us, gave us love and life advice before sending us off. My husband and I love her so much. Cannot imagine my life or who I would be without her.

So we headed west to Tarpon Springs, a Greek fishing town on the west coast of Florida known for their sponge harvesting. Spent the afternoon shopping for sponges and shells, and watched the sunset at the fishing docks. Met up with two of our favorite people, Shirley and Nicolas for dinner. We had awesome Greek food and desert. Can't wait to go back here.
Rope looking perfectly imperfect.

View from Tarpon Springs Harbor.
Sponge boat.
Shells for sale. I wanted to buy them all. I prefer to find them though :)
More Sponges. The ones in the basket near the bottom of the photo are "Wool sponges" which I hear are good for your body. I bought some smaller facial sponges that are awesome to exfoliate.

Sunset time....
Can never get enough of these gigantic palm trees. They have to be my favorite tree.
My two favorite people. 
My beautiful mother and I.