Rainbow Springs, Florida

Day 3:
The next day we headed north to Rainbow Springs. If you live in Florida and have never been to these springs, you are totally missing out. It was cool crystal clear water that was an incredible emerald color. Amazing! There were fish everywhere and we could see the aquifer bubbling up from the bottom of the spring. We took a long afternoon swim in the sun then got back on the road again.

The road trip has been such an incredible time to do some reflecting with my husband. It's just him and I in the car, enjoying the trip and each others company. When we left the springs, we both said that we couldn't wait to bring our kids there one day. That one day can wait for now though :)

The springs were beautiful that day! That green you see in the water  was exactly how it looked.

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Time for some swimming!
Just loving it. Not sure if you can tell from my face.