The Emerald Coast: Panama City Beach, Florida

Day 5:
We finally made it to Panama Beach! We've been here before together on a previous cross country road trip we took in 2007. That is how we knew we wanted to go back.

Where do I find words to begin to describe this beach?!
In a few: white sand like snow, warm clear salt water, and HUGE sand dunes! Not to mention emerald water.

We're finally camping. I love camping. The campground here is in the middle of sand dunes surrounded by a pine forest. its beautiful! It is a cool 62 degrees at night these past few nights and 75 during the day. Perfect weather for going swimming all day and sitting around a bonfire and sleeping outside at night.

That's pretty much all we've been doing. Besides drivin'. Tomorrow we head to New Orleans!

Pier at Panama Beach State Park
How we spent our days there. 
Dinner at night. Shrimp, veggies, potatoes, corn, and hot sauce. Not sure if you can see our makeshift speaker which consisted of: glass coffee press and iPhone. Worked awesome. 
Tourists at a T-shirt shop with a huge shark face.
Purple flag= watch out for dangerous marine life. 
Here was the dangerous marine life! A beautiful eagle ray.
Breakfast. Expresso and blueberries with granola and yogurt.
We watched the sunset every night.
Toes in the sand.
How our car looked during our trip across country. Some shameless self promotion. My husband had a huge beard during our trip and everyone kept asking if this was his blog. lol. He was such a good sport.