New Orleans, Louisiana

Day 6 & 7:
New Orleans, Louisiana was a great stop! Day 6 we arrived in NOLA and went straight to the blues and BBQ festival. It was a warm day, everyone sat in the grass festival style, and the music was to die for! So much harmonica and the crowd brought great energy. 

View from our spot in the grass at the festival of Otis Clay with his harmonica.
There was something magical about this city, the art, the food, the history, and architecture that was so inspiring for me this weekend. To be honest, I've been slightly nervous about searching for a new job. I've watched some of my friends struggle to find a job and I have not been looking forward to starting the struggle again myself. Seeing all the art this weekend at the festival made me realize that being in between "formal jobs" means I actually have some free time to start painting again and explore photography. I need to remain positive and view this as a journey not a struggle.

Food at the blues festival: barbeque ribs, steamed greens, and corn pudding. Delicious!
Powerful art inspired post Hurricane Katrina.  Holly was my favorite artist at the festival. 
Best hat at the blues festival in New Orleans.
Beautiful art at the festival. This was the artists representation of the oil spill, and the consequences still to come of the dispersant BP released into the Gulf. You can see more of Holly's work here.

BR Stripe Dress perfect for a blues festival in NOLA on a fall day.
Me and the love of my life at the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival 2012

Day 7:
We spent exploring the city before heading out on the road again......

Which way to the French Quarter?!
Cafes on a side street.
Just another old building.
Old mailboxes.
Train tracks. The trolley now runs here.
Train tracks close up.
Cute little cafe we stopped at called Cafe Beignet

Street art depiction of Hurricane Katrina.

This was painted on the side of a very tall building. It was an entire story high. I couldn't resist taking a picture.
Bridge over the Mississippi River. 
Wandering the streets of New Orleans with my love.
New Orleans
Famous masks.
The art in this city was incredible! I was so inspired!
This is the Saint Louis Cathedral- the oldest cathedral in North America. We watched street performers, the horse and carriages, and enjoyed people watching all afternoon.
What most of the city was made out of.
View from ground up
A view from our walk downtown
Amazing stair fire escape 
View from the River Walk

This is how I spent my afternoon leaving N'awlins, navigating with Louisiana, Mississippi,  and Texas maps and of course coffee in the passenger seat.