Marquette, Michigan aka The UP

Our visit to Marquette was so fun. At the end of our packing, cleaning, leaving Vero, driving 2000+ miles, then unpacking, loading the storage unit, and repacking for Michigan and our trip back to Florida- we were EXHAUSTED! And delerious. Glad I had someone with me. I cannot imagine doing that move by myself.

We dropped my kitty to stay with a family member and did some of the most amazing hiking I've ever done in my life! Waterfalls, a bog, Lake Superior shore line, bluffs, and beautiful fall leaves everywhere. Luckily we arrived around the time they were at their peak.

Right now we're camping in Panama Beach and a week has passed and I feel so behind with posting updates. Here are just a few photos from our visit in the UP. I'll add captions later when I'm not blogging from my phone.

Shoreline of Lake Superior. The most beautiful lake I've ever seen.
Fall colors in the stream.
An old rail line that used to bring coal out to ships.
Beautiful waterfall hike.
Sweater: Banana Republic, Tights: Banana Republic, : Hunter Boots
Candid hiking. 
Photographing our hike and our life!
Awesome cafe in Marquette.
My love capturing the waterfall.
The leaves were as big as my head!
Our Jeep takes us everywhere. 
Shore finds on Lake Superior.
Downtown. Yellow leaves lit up the town that night.
A Bog in the UP. Awesome experience, highly recommend taking a trip to a bog.