Green Bay, Wisconsin is an absolute beautiful town! First thing I notice is how much packer pride everyone has in Green Bay. There are signs that look like campaign signs for the team people keep in their yard during the football season for the Green Bay Packers. When we arrived, the weather was in the 70s, the colors were changing, and we were warmly welcomed by family. It felt good to finally stop, unload our stuff, and relax with family. Hardest part of the first leg of this move was driving the moving truck. The roads were so bad in Indiana, we almost tipped over in our truck! Thanks to my expert driver/husband we survived. All of us. Domeabra, my cat, kept herself very comfortable while moving. Hope you enjoy these pictures from our visit in Wisconsin. 
Domeabra sleeping on the way to Wisconsin.

Our welcoming sunset coming into the border of Wisconsin.

Beautiful fall leaves in the streets of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Fall is here!

Napping with my little love after a long day of unpacking.

Boots: Hunter Boots
My illegal mangroves I brought from the beach!

Breathtaking view from the hall window.

Domey sleeping in the Jeep in my lap on the way to Michigan.

The amazing fall colors! 

View from the Jeep.