The Space Coast: Cocoa Beach, Florida

Day 1:
On Monday we flew back into Orlando, Florida to pick up our other car to begin the final leg of our move north from Florida to Wisconsin. When we left Wisconsin it was so cold out that I could have had long underwear on.

When we arrived in Orlando, it was hot and humid, just how I like it! I had to change shoes and my outfit completely. I realized how much I felt like a fish out of water during the week I had just spent in the Midwest, literally. I have a lot of adjusting to do. It should be interesting.

We headed east straight for my favorite beach, Cocoa Beach, when we landed in Florida. It was so refreshing. The sun was hot, and the ocean was everything I needed it to be. Below are some pictures from our visit.

My favorite beach. Cocoa Beach!
Beautiful blue sky. 
Enjoying life on the beach.
Not sure this needs a caption. 
Cocoa Beach Pier. I love this photo.
Sea foam colored wall.