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This morning I woke up and enjoyed 2 cups of coffee, watched a documentary on the history of China's economy, and headed to the beach to do some painting. Painting is something I enjoy doing immensely.  There is no greater feeling than being able to express yourself through color and images that you can capture and create.

Today was incredible. Don't get me wrong, not every day is a peach. I'm more comfortable that I would have been 2 years ago being in-between jobs. Two years ago, I had just graduated with my Masters. I was anxious to find something to prove to myself- that I could find a job in my field- Public Health. To go into the office everyday, have a formal salary, work a 8-5pm. I seriously got sucked in to thinking this was the end all, be all. Well I found one, loved it, and have now left to move to Australia with my husband. I had a lot of people ask me in the last few weeks: where will you work? what will you do? Two years ago I felt incomplete unless I had an answer to their questions, unless I had a job. Now I am very confident to say, "I don't know, we'll see what happens". My life has changed so much, I have changed. Life will continue to change me I'm sure. So, short term, long term, I will just have to see what happens...

Front door to my office. 

noting like a fresh white canvas
Fax and phone is out of order, leave a message please
My inspiration to be an artist, even if it's as a hobby for now, comes from my mother. My mother is an artist with several different mediums. I think I was coloring and painting before I could even write my name.  I really began to perfect my style as an artist during high school with my teacher and mentor Ms. Foell. During undergrad I took every art class I could while majoring in Pre-med. I painted on anything I could get my hands on- old windows, palm frawns etc. My poor college roommates! My best friend during college, Jenn, and I would paint on the weekends. During the Peace Corps, I met Erica who also was an artist and we quickly became friends. You can see her art here. I am so lucky to have known so many strong female artists to draw inspiration from. You can check out some of my past work here. I'll post this one up when I finish.

getting a healthy dose of vitamin D
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