Story behind Australia

Where do I start? I started this blog to stay in touch with my friends and family while my husband and I move to Australia. My husband got a job with a company in the midwest and they decided to place him/us in their Australia office! So those of you who know me, understand how this is quite a transition for me. We will be leaving Florida to relocate to Wisconsin before we leave for Australia. Wisconsin will be the place we call home when we return. More on that later...

When I was thinking of what to call the blog, I wanted to call it something that seemed to be a life theme that rang true now for a while. Living by the water. I've lived by the water my entire life and fell in love with my husband while living in the Florida Keys. Here's a re-cap...

Growing up in Florida, I grew up a stones throw from the Banana River, making Cocoa Beach my favorite place. Off to college I went and was lucky enough to live a mile from the ocean! When I joined the Peace Corps shortly after, I was placed on assignment in a fishing village...right on the ocean, on the coast of Ghana. I returned to Florida and lived in the Florida keys for a year, living on a houseboat for part of the time with some amazing girls. This is where i met my love. We then relocated to Tampa for grad school, where we frequented Anna Marie Beach and Clearwater Beach.

We've lived everywhere in between, including the UP, California, and Wisconsin. Our home for the last 2 years has been Vero Beach. Vero Beach has been an incredible place to live as we have been lucky enough to have our house located right in front of the ocean! Now our lives take us to Australia to live and love each other by the sea. Vero Beach has been the longest single place I've lived in the last 10 years.

It's bittersweet to leave, but it feels good to be wandering again.